McLean Pilates Virtual Mat Classes

How It Works:

Here at Mclean Pilates studio we break our Pilates Mat classes into four sessions (winter, spring, summer, and fall). Sessions are between 9 and 18 weeks long. Although registration is on-going, we encourage students to enroll in an entire session to receive the full benefits of the Pilates method. When enrolling in a session students are reserving a space in a specific class for the length of the session. Enrolling in a session isn’t as intimidating as one may think due to our liberal make-up policy.

Session Dates:

The exact dates change every year. Typically, our fall session runs from Labor Day to November. Our winter session runs from November to March. Our summer session usually runs through July and August. We encourage students to start Pilates Mat classes at the beginning of a session, but are able to accommodate new students throughout the session.

Session Fees:

$21 times the number of classes in the session. Class fees can be pro-rated for students enrolling mid-session. Payment is due in full before a student starts classes with McLean Pilates.

Class Size:

Mat classes are limited to 10 students

Mat Class Make-Up Policy:

We offer students enrolled in a Pilates Mat class for the session unlimited make-ups for missed classes. Make-ups can be done before or after you miss a class. Make ups do not carry over to the next session – all make ups must be completed by the end of the current session.

Suggested Apparel:

Men – T-shirt, biker shorts, sweats, socks.
Women – tank top / t-shirt, biker shorts / yoga pants, socks.

Drop-In Policy:

Although we allow drop-ins for our lower level Pilates Mat classes, we do not encourage students to regularly drop-in, unless they are enrolled in another class for the session and are using drop-ins to supplement their workout. We understand students who want to try our studio for the first time or those with a hectic schedule enjoy the option to drop-in occasionally, which students can do by emailing

How Do I Enroll:

Please feel free to email us with questions at

We offer the following IN PERSON pilates mat classes for the FALL session 2022:

Monday 11:30am – 12:30pm
Wednesday 9am – 10am
Wednesday 10:30am – 11:30am
Thursday 8am – 9am

All classes are taught at Intermediate/Adv. Level

Drop in classes are $27.00