McLean Pilates Mat Classes

How It Works:

We offer the following IN PERSON pilates mat classes:

Monday 11:30am – 12:30pm
Wednesday 9am – 10am
Wednesday 10:30am – 11:30am
Thursday 8am – 9am

Session Fees:

$23 times the number of classes in the session. Class fees can be pro-rated for students enrolling mid-session. Payment is due in full before a student starts classes with McLean Pilates.

Drop in classes are $30.00

Class Size:

Mat classes are limited to 10 students

Mat Class Make-Up Policy:

We offer students enrolled in a Pilates Mat class for the session unlimited make-ups for missed classes. Make-ups can be done before or after you miss a class. Make ups do not carry over to the next session – all make ups must be completed by the end of the current session.

Suggested Apparel:

Men – T-shirt, biker shorts, sweats, socks.
Women – tank top / t-shirt, biker shorts / yoga pants, socks.