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December 2018

McLean Pilates: What is the Cadillac?


McLean Pilates and the Cadillac No, it's not the '62 convertible. We are talking about the critical equipment that shaped pilates industry which named after a famous car because it has all the bells and whistles. Designed by Joseph Pilates himself, cadillac has many benefits to strengthen your body, improve your core stability, and [...]

McLean Pilates: What is the Cadillac?2018-12-19T20:01:39+00:00

Benefits of McLean Pilates: ABsolutely Fantastic Core Workout


Benefits of McLean Pilates: ABsolutely Fantastic Core Workout McLean Pilates focuses heavily on your 'powerhouse'(CORE) unlike any other fitness workout. In fact, after finishing weeks of McLean Pilates training, our clients strengthened their rectus abdominis (six-packs muscles) drastically, while removing muscle imbalances between the right and left sides of their powerhouse. We believe in [...]

Benefits of McLean Pilates: ABsolutely Fantastic Core Workout2018-12-19T20:01:48+00:00

October 2017

McLean Pilates Studio


McLean Pilates is? McLean Pilates is the only fully equipped Pilates Studio in McLean, VA. Clients taking private and duet lessons are guided through exercises based on their individual needs on the reformer and mat, electric, wunda, and baby chairs, small and large barrels, cadillac and guillotine. Clients taking Pilates mat classes are trained on [...]

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